Realy Creative provides a range of video production services which include filming, editing, DVD production, and packaging.

Ultimately, video is our passion. It’s an unfortunate fact that good editing takes time, but the reward is so amazing. To capture a moment or tell a story with the right mix of audio, visual, and editing is such a gratifying experience.

Done right, any 30 seconds can be made to be heroic or hostile, nostalgic or nuanced, thoughtful or thoughtless. The balance of mixed shots and the right score is just like baking — you have to get the ingredients right and cook it just long enough.

We shoot in either 1080 or 4K resolution depending upon the project and the medium it will be delivered in. From YouTube to Vimeo to DVD to broadcast television — we’ve got the experience and talent to produce it all.

With our growing involvement with the arts on the Central Coast, we’ve recently enjoyed the development of DVD’s. This medium captures and preserves concerts and performances for those in the arts to offer to those who support the arts.

With duplicators that can produce DVD’s in bulk and each disc surface digitally printed, your project can look like a major studio project.


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