Welcome to Realy Creative. And no, that’s not a misspelling. My name is Matt Realy and I’m a freelance graphic artist, videographer, web developer, photographer and more.

I have over 20 years of business experience encompassing retail, mail order, and management, combined with with diverse marketing and design skills.

Leveraging experience, skill, and a real-world understanding of business needs and operations means I can provide Realy Creative services for virtually any business, from simple startups to multi-million dollar corporations.

Currently, I work full time for a great and fast growing company in Arroyo Grande as Director of Marketing. As a result, my services are available on a freelance basis, which means production services are available after hours and on weekends.

If you have doubts about this working for you — check out my portfolio with dozens of projects I’ve been able to produce for many happy clients. Technology is our tool and because of this, I work with clients all around the country and the globe.

Be sure to visit my portfolio and services link for additional details an insight to my capabilities and style…

Our Toolbox

It may not be that important to you, but we’re proud of using the latest software and tools available to deliver the latest features in design. Often times, we have to “pick up the pieces” from other designers or perhaps you have existing files that need to be updated. Here you can see the fleet of core software we use. In addition, we rely on dozens of support apps that are not shown to aid in design, creation, and conversion of file formats for data, video, audio, and more.

Adobe Photoshop

For editing images, coloring, photo correction.

Adobe Illustrator

For page layout, vector based graphics for decals, logos, vehicle wraps, and more.

Adobe InDesign

Page layout and design; ideally suited for flyers, large catalogs, and heavy textual based projects.

Adobe Acrobat

PDF creation, online form fields, compression for mass distribution.

Adobe Dreamwever

Our choice for website coding and development.

Adobe After Effects

Video effects, particle emitters, 3D graphics, animation.

Final Cut

Video editing software for all our video production – web, concerts, DVD, commercial, and broadcast.


Screen recording software for tutorials, webinars, and more.

Microsoft Excel

One of the most powerful tools in business. Understanding how to use formulas, lookup tables, filters, and more make this a critical component for data crunching, organizing lists, and compilng data for production,


Live web and broadcast streaming production software. Stream your live event with scores, captions, titles, commercials, custom titles, and more. Wirecast elevates the quality of any streamed event.

Web Forms

Online web forms that can email results, store results, and feature specialized functions or requirements to submit.

Flip Catalog

Convert large catalogs to online “flippable” pages, complete with index, videos, clickable ads, and more.

Realy Creative