Project Description

Symphony of the Vines is a professional chamber orchestra based in the north county of San Luis Obispo. The website has undergone several evolutions as the Symphony has evolved, grown, and made a name for itself along the central coast. The most recent incarnation put together a more cohesive and easily navigable layout for the current concert season.

Bold and inviting concert graphics, an easy to follow concert calendar, with intuitive ticket purchase buttons should help the Symphony garner more attention, guests, and support.

With the growth and caliber of production being developed from promotion to concert performances, the current website platform may need to be elevated to enhance both admin and user experiences and features.

Realy Creative has also filmed, etided and produced two DVD’s from select concerts of Symphony of the Vines. With multiple camera angles, careful editing, and complete package development, the DVD’s bring the music home for supports all along the coast.